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ExtendTimeTM Mobile GPS provides the ability to track the location of the remote workforce with the same powerful time and attendance system as ExtendTimeTM for VOIP phones using any kind of Window Mobile device. The mobile employee can now clock in/out time, review schedules, transfer labor hours, check benefit information, and receive messages from supervisors while the GPS feature captures the coordinates of the employee's location. As part of its suite of Time and Attendance software, ExtendTimeTM Mobile GPS is offered as both a licensed and hosted product to streamline all time management functions of the organization.

Simplifying the operational procedures involved in tracking, managing and communicating with people is a challenge in any business. Using ExtendTimeTM Mobile GPS the supervisor will be able to monitor employees and generate reports with their time of punches, projects and billing codes in addition to the distance from the designated account location.  Organizations can rest assured that their employees are punching from the specified account locations yet providing another audit layer for many of their labor compliance regulations.



Product Features

Once an employee is logged in to the ExtendTimeTM Mobile device with GPS capability, they have the option of punching in or out at their location. During the punch process, the cellular phone obtains GPS coordinates from many satellites that are available and sends the the punch information with the coordinates seamlessly to the central ExtendTimeTM server.

Additionally, employees have the ability to select different cost centers, projects and clients to allocate the punched time.

Supervisors can see whether the employees are clocked in or out from the administrator's interface and look at exception reports which show if the employee was punched in at the correct location.

This feature is extremely important in industries such as the home health care industry where compliance with regulations has become more and more important and a requirement. Supervisors can also run ad hoc reports to look at the audited punch records with location information for any employee.