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ExtendProject is a tool to streamline and simplify project management by allowing IP phones to become the data entry point for project management time and expense tracking. The ExtendProject application is designed to improve operational efficiencies while effectively improving time and billing operations. This solution offers a solid ROI through automating data collection, reporting, and reducing the costs associated with time tracking for professional services and/or organizations which need to use time and billing management software. In a nutshell, ExtendProject addresses the revenue side of the organization as opposed to ExtendTimeTM which addresses the cost side of the organization.

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Product Overview

ExtendProject eliminates the need for expensive PCs to log project time and or punch in and punch out feature for employees. Anyone in the organization with access to an IP phone can log into the system with a user ID and password and then select a project to log their time. Its a simple and quick interface for all levels of employees in an organization to maintain their billable or non-billable time for projects or clients.

All information is kept in a robust database, which can periodically be exported and uploaded to the firm's project management software and/or accounting system for billing clients. It is an accurate time collection tool that could easily and cost effectively meet the requirements of all professional services firms.