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ExtendTimeTM is offered as a licensed product as well as a hosted service, SaaS (Software as a Service solution). For organizations who do not wish to invest time and money on hardware acquisition, infrastructure support and implementation, we offer ExtendTimeTM as a hosted solution where the client's initial investment is minimal. In this type of setup, our clients can get up running quickly and painlessly with minimal costs.

The steps involved in implementing a hosted solution are as follows:

  • Enter or Import all employees who will be managed by the system
  • Setup all the rules and payroll polices from shift differential rules to overtime hours calculation methods etc.
  • Setup employee recurring schedules
  • Setup input devices such as punch clock, swipes and IP phones in local client premises.

ExtendTimeTM and ExtendProject are hosted in world class, secure data centers in Northern Virginia. All systems used are redundant behind load balancers to minimize down time. Our Internet backbone is also redundant to allow for continuous and unencumbered 24x7 access to client information. .